Drive Car Garbage Bin

Drive Car Garbage Bin is definitely a must have for our vehicle. With four children who love to snack and a husband who eats his lunches in the car at work, I honestly don’t know how I managed without it.


Drive Auto Products did their research to find out exactly  what people wanted.  It comes with a 20 pack of liners which are a perfect fit.  The liners are great for keeping the garbage container clean, dry and odor free. There is also a mesh pocket on the side to store the garbage bags, which is so smart and super convenient.  It comes with an adjustable quick click strap for easy removal.


You can hang the bag anywhere in the car that is convenient for you.  For now, I’ve hung mine on the passenger door.  It’s a great spot for my husband to put all his food containers and disposable coffee cups.  Since we drive a large SUV, I’m considering purchasing a second one for in the back.  Not for garbage though, it would actually be perfect to store colouring books, crayons and maybe even a few toys.  It’s an easy way to store them and keep kids entertained during long road trips or ever visits to the doctors office.



This Car Garbage Bag by Drive can be purchased on their website Here

Addition garbage liners come in a pack of 40 and can also be purchase Here


*I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion*


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