Children Should Learn To Cook

Cooking is a basic life skill, being able to put together a few ingredients into a simple meal builds confidence and independence. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Having your children helping in the kitchen can actually make them smarter. They will learn to follow directions step by step and recognise that following the correct order will get the results they are looking for.

From measuring the ingredients or dividing portions, kids can develop a stronger concept of math, even before they study it in school. Cooking is full of science. Whether you are desolving a salt into a water or watching bread rise in the oven, there are many ways that cooking will facsinate your child. They are bound to ask a few questions and questions will give them a head start on a lifelong love of learning.

Here are a few age-appropriate tasks they’ll have fun doing:

2-3 Can wash fruit or lettuce for a salad or garnish.

3-5 Can help beat eggs, cut cheeses or soft fruits with a butter knife, pour pre-measured ingredients into a bowl or knead doughs

6-9 Can crack an eggs, use a rolling pin, peel fruits and vegetables, scoop batter into muffin cups, make toast, grate cheeses, and use an electric mixer.

10+ Can work pretty independently, under adult supervision.

Spending time in the kitchen together will create an emotional bond and memories that will last a lifetime.


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