When To Replace Your Cosmetics


When to replace your cosmetics

I usually go through my makeup bag every season.  By than you usually want to switch up the colours anyway, right?  although I’ll have to admit, I’ve been putting it off for far to long now.  Sometimes I find it hard to part with my favorites.  I will totally wear that cobalt blue eye shadow again someday! well, maybe.  Let’s face it, probably not.  So why hold onto it?  Cosmetics are a bacteria trap.  The longer you hold onto them, the more germ infested they become, which mean replacing them regularly essential.

Here are a few guidelines I try to follow:

Mascara – 3 months max.  Mascara has the shortest life span because you’re putting the brush to your eye then back in the tube, there is a high probability of bacteria transfer. If you have had an eye infection, toss it A.S.A.P.

Eye liner – 6 months for pencils, only 3 for liquid liners.  Pencils are constantly being sharpened as liquid liners use the same felt tip over and over again.

Eye shadow – 3 months.  Any makeup that has direct contact with your eyes should be replaced every 3 months.

Lipsticks – 1 year, unless you’ve been sick or have had a cold sore.

Blushes and powders – 2 years. Keep them dry and use clean brushes.

Liquid Foundation – 6 to 12 months. You should keep your foundation out of the bathroom, as the warmth and humidity will encourage the growth of bacteria.  This bacteria will clog your pores and cause breakouts.

5 simple tips to keep germs and bacteria from making babies in your cosmetics:

1) Using clean brushes will lengthen the shelf life of your cosmetics.  Clean those brushes!

2) Never share your cosmetics. This is one of the worst things you can do.  I can remember sharing with my friends in high school. Gross! But than again, we also shared gum.

3) If you’ve had an eye infection or cold sore, toss the eye or lip cosmetics.  Do you really want to risk re-infection?

4) If you have a blemish or pimple, use a cotton ball/swab to apply makeup to affected area.  This way you will prevent bacteria transfer.

5) Wash you hands before applying cosmetics.


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