Are you Beautiful or Average? Dove wants to know

As part of Doves latest campaign #ChooseBeautiful, signs were installed above side by side doors in five cities around the world. (Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo and DelhiIn) The signs read “Beautiful” or “Average.” Cameras were set up to watch how women responded.

As a part of the #ChooseBeautiful campaign, Dove interviewed 6,400 women around the world about how they view themselves.  Here are the shocking results:

96% of women surveyed said they don’t see themselves as beautiful.

80% believed every woman has something beautiful about them, but we’re unable to see their own.

72% of women felt pressure to be beautiful.

89% of women felt uncomfortable using the word “Beautiful” to describe themselves.

54% of women agreed that they are their own worst beauty critic.

You can watch the video here:

Dove Choose Beautiful | Women all over the world make a choice: https://youtu.be/7DdM-4siaQw

Before watching the video I thought to myself that I would choose “Average” without even hesitating.  I really am my worst ” beauty critic.”  I wondered what other people might think of me if I were to choose “beautiful.”  Would they think I wasn’t beautiful enough to choose that door? Would they judge me or think of me as “conceded.” Than I watched the video.

As I watched I grew more and more angry with myself for thinking “Average” was the door for me.  Beauty  comes in all shapes and sizes.  I thought about what door my daughter might choose.  It would kill me inside if she even hesitated not to choose “beautiful.”  So why choose anything less for myself! I choose “beautiful!” I need to set an example for my little girl and show her how easy it is to feel beautiful.  I always make a point to tell her something I like about her everyday, so why not do it for myself.  I’m definitely going to start, it might just make a difference.  Every woman deserves to feel beautiful.




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