St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

How to make the perfect Shamrock 


How to video here

Painted Handprint Shamrock

20150308_153153 20150308_153148

Pot of Gold 

A yummy treat your kids can make for their friends (or themselves)

20150308_154034  20150308_154013

What you will need:

Glass jar


Construction paper

Gold chocolate coins (pot of gold)

Skittles (rainbow)

Mini marshmallows  (clouds)

IMAG2646 IMAG2645 IMAG2650

You start by placing a few gold chocolate coins at the bottom of the jar.

Separate the Skittles into each colour.

Place a little bit of each colour in the jar the create a rainbow effect.

Add mini marshmallows to the top (clouds)

Decorate with ribbon. Maybe use a construction paper shamrock as a gift tag



Use paint to make a rainbow and cotton balls as clouds



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