DIY Fabric Refresher

This is my recipe for a homemade fabric refresher that will save you a ton of money


What you will need:

1/4 cup Fabric softer

1/4 cup Peroxide

2 cups   Water

Spray bottle

Mix all the listed ingredients together in a clean spray bottle and voila!  You have fabric refresher at a fraction of the cost.  Not only can you have fresh smelling fabrics,  the peroxide in the solution will clean and disinfect any germs that may be lingering.  I would recommend this for use on curtains, fabric sofa, or carpet.

It can also be used as a refresher and disinfectant for your mattress by increasing the amount of peroxide to  1 cup.  This one is not recommended for other fabrics because the higher content of peroxide may discolour them.

If you’ve tried my it, leave me a comment about what you thought of it.

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