Uses for 3% hydrogen peroxide

Disinfect cuts and scrapes – Use as a cleaning solution to prevent infection.

Blood stains – Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains from carpet or clothing.  May discolour dark fabrics.

Lighten Your Hair – Put it in a spray bottle and spray onto damp hair.  It will lighten natural hair up to 2 shades with continued use.  Being out in the sun will help.

Mouth Rinse – Use a cap full of hydrogen peroxide to  kill germs that cause bad breath.

Whiten your teeth – Add peroxide to baking soda to make a paste.  Whitens when used daily.  Will whiten your teeth in about 1 week.

Detox Bath – Add 2 cups of 3% Hydrogen peroxide to the bath water and soak for 30 mins.

Disinfect Toothbrushes – Soak toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide to kill staph bacteria and other germs common to the bathroom.

Fight Athletes Foot – Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle and spray on feet each night to stop fungal growth.

Whiten Clothing – Add a cup of peroxide to white clothes in your laundry to brighten them.

Mold – Clean with hydrogen peroxide to kill toxic mold, such as those caused by water damage.

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