Do you prefer shopping online or in-store?

Do you prefer shopping online or in-store? As a busy mom of four, I defiantly prefer shopping online. No need to pack up the kids and drag them to a store they don’t really want to go to. The product is shipped directly to my home and I don’t even need to leave the house.… Continue reading Do you prefer shopping online or in-store?


Drive Car Garbage Bin

Drive Car Garbage Bin is definitely a must have for our vehicle. With four children who love to snack and a husband who eats his lunches in the car at work, I honestly don’t know how I managed without it. Drive Auto Products did their research to find out exactly  what people wanted.  It comes… Continue reading Drive Car Garbage Bin


Children Should Learn To Cook

Cooking is a basic life skill, being able to put together a few ingredients into a simple meal builds confidence and independence. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Having your children helping in the kitchen can actually make them smarter. They will learn to follow directions step by step and recognise that following the correct… Continue reading Children Should Learn To Cook


3 Ways To Inspire A Love Of Reading In Your Children

If your child is showing little interest in reading, there is hope. Sometimes moms and dads have to get sneaky, but you can still turn your children into a readers, even if they are reluctant about it. 1. The Stay Up Later Bedtime Trick Like most children, my kids hate bedtime.  They whine and complain.… Continue reading 3 Ways To Inspire A Love Of Reading In Your Children


Age-Appropriate Chores

Chores are a good way to help children learn responsibility and contribute to the family.  The younger you start the better, your kids are more capable than you think. Make sure you are consistent and praise them for a job well done.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It will give them a sense of… Continue reading Age-Appropriate Chores


Fresh or Frozen Produce – Which is better?

Fresh fruit and vegetables are best nutritionally when they are in-season and bought locally.  During off-season, fruit and vegetables need to be imported.  Imported produce is picked before its peak and ripen during transport.  They are picked several days or even weeks before purchasing at your local supermarket, than stored in your fridge for another… Continue reading Fresh or Frozen Produce – Which is better?


When To Replace Your Cosmetics

When to replace your cosmetics I usually go through my makeup bag every season.  By than you usually want to switch up the colours anyway, right?  although I’ll have to admit, I’ve been putting it off for far to long now.  Sometimes I find it hard to part with my favorites.  I will totally wear… Continue reading When To Replace Your Cosmetics